Friday, July 6, 2007

Mammograms & Bladders


Blogs. They're a mystery to me. People are posting the minutia of their lives on line and, even more perplexing, other people are actually reading these posts about the minutia in other people's lives?

Oh well. I don't understand gravity either, and I've yet to float out into space, so here's today's T- minutia: I had my semiannual mammogram today. One good thing about mammograms is that after each one, it's easier for me to touch my toes without bending my knees . . . and I don't mean touch them with my hands.

It's too bad that those of us with more breast than we need or want, can't donate the excess to those who want or need them, sort of like Locks of Love where people donate their hair to make wigs for chemo patients. If I ever had plastic surgery, it would be to have my bladder enlarged.

Well, that's enough minutia for the moment since one of the things that most perplexes me about blogs is how people find time to read them, much less write them. 'Til whenever.'s Cartoons

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